Fotodiox Freeflight Moto 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Short Review

The Fotodiox smartphone gimbal is very good for its price. Documentation isn't all that great, but it's very simple to use and much less hassle to setup than other smartphone of gopro gimbals.

I used it with my iPhone 6s Plus, and it works with the apple leather case, but balances better without a case. There is no software and everything takes care of itself naturally. Fotodiox has some tips on youtube for balancing, but essentially you want to get it relatively balanced in the first place, and the motors will take care of it once you start it up. I needed to use the balancing counterweight with the 6s Plus to get it to work well enough.

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Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Firmware Update 1.01

Fuji has released the first firmware update for the X-Pro2 that fixes some minor issues with "resetting to defaults" that some users have experienced recently, along with IQ improvement for long-exposures.

The firmware update Ver. 1.01 from Ver.1.00 incorporates the following issues:

  1. The Phenomenon is fixed that in rare cases, established customized menu settings are reset to factory default setting when the camera is turned off.
  2. Improvement of image quality when shooting in the long exposure mode.

Download it here: X-Pro2 Camera Body Firmware Update Ver. 1.01

Nik Software is now FREE!

Google has made the Nik Collection absolutely free! I've used Color Efex and Silver Efex Pro extensively for both color and B+W work, so these plugins are definitely something to take a look at if you haven't had a chance before.

Anyone who purchased it in 2016 will receive a refund.

Download it NOW here:

Original release, from Google:

Today we’re making the Nik Collection available to everyone, for free.
Photo enthusiasts all over the world use the Nik Collection to get the best out of their images every day. As we continue to focus our long-term investments in building incredible photo editing tools for mobile, including Google Photos and Snapseed, we’ve decided to make the Nik Collection desktop suite available for free, so that now anyone can use it.
The Nik Collection is comprised of seven desktop plug-ins that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities — from filter applications that improve color correction, to retouching and creative effects, to image sharpening that brings out all the hidden details, to the ability to make adjustments to the color and tonality of images.
Starting March 24, 2016, the latest Nik Collection will be freely available to download: Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro and Dfine. If you purchased the Nik Collection in 2016, you will receive a full refund, which we’ll automatically issue back to you in the coming days.
We’re excited to bring the powerful photo editing tools once only used by professionals to even more people now.

Canon EF 11-24 f/4L USM Lens Review

Today, I received a lens i've been waiting for for what seems like FOREVER. I've been waiting (and saving) for Canon's answer to Nikon's 14-24 f/2.8G for at least 2 years. I was lucky enough to pre-order the Canon EF 11-24 f/4L USM as soon as it was available, and it arrived to my office this morning. In this post I'll be giving an unboxing, a quick review, my initial first impressions with this lens, and a couple sample shots.

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Canon EF 11-24 f/4L USM is on its way!

Canon 11-24L To say that I've been waiting a long time for Canon's ultrawide offering to compete with Nikon's 14-24 f/2.8G would be an understatement. I've been waiting (and saving) for years for this lens. I don't normally shoot ultrawide, but I do like the distortion, and perspective it offers for establishing shots when shooting events or video.

I was expecting a 14-24 2.8 similar to Nikon's 14-24, but was surprised when rumors started flying around that it would be WIDER (first, it was rumored to be a 12-24, and the canon pushed the envelope even further with 11mm) -- the f/4 is a bit of a disappointment, but all of canon's f/4 offerings have been stellar performers, and at these focal lengths, it isn't much of a problem.

I placed my order shortly after it was announced, and it's finally shipped. I'll have an unboxing, photos and first impressions as soon as it comes in.

Zoom H6 Overview and Comparison

Recently I picked up a Zoom H6 to replace my Zoom H4n. The choice to upgrade (for me) was based on the overall improvement of the device in speed and versatility with the included and optional mic capsules. Now, let me preface this review and say that I'm not a sound guy at all, so this review will be more of an overview of the device and a comparison between the H6, H4n and H1 field recorders from a practical and usability perspective. I also picked up the optional SGH-6 shotgun mic capsule and the APH-6 Acessory Pack (which includes a furry windscreen, remote, and AC Adapter), so I'll be covering those in this overview as well.

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