Adorama 1-Day SanDisk Sale!

Adorama has the SanDisk Extreme Pro CF cards on sale again today. I already own a few, but you can never have enough; especially at these prices! My production company just ordered a [amazon_link id=”B004EXD7KE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Canon XF-105 video camera[/amazon_link], so we might be picking some of these up, since it uses CF. They can also serve double duty for my DSLRs! ;). The cards are overkill for most shooters, but if you shoot video, then you could benefit from the fast write speed — or if you shoot high volume (sports, events, etc) then the fast read speed could benefit you too, when offloading your cards to your workstation.

16GB – $87.95

32GB – $154.95

64GB – $349.95

128GB – $649.95

UPDATE: it looks like they’ve updated,changed their prices since this morning! they’re EVEN LOWER now! new prices below:

16GB – $74.95

32GB – $139.95

64GB – $329.95

128GB – $599.95

 Note that the top-of-the-line 128GB model goes up to 100MB/s write speed!


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