Bryan’s Gear-stravaganza Photo Gear Sale!

Out with the “old” and in with the new! So I recently updated/upgraded a ton of my gear, and I’m taking this opportunity to pass it on to you guys at some reasonable prices. Check out all the stuff I’m selling at the moment:

If you’re interested in purchasing any of this stuff, shoot me an e-mail at bryan [at] Thanks!

For those interested in local pickup, I’m located in Riverside, CA. Now, on to the items!

Crumpler 8MDH “8 Million Dollar Home” Shoulder Bag – Brown/Orange, Blue insides, comes with all velcro dividers. No stains, tears or rips. Bought around Feb/March last year at the Crumpler store in San Francisco. I have all inserts, bag, dust bag and receipt!

$120 (+ shipping, if you aren’t local)


Canon 5D (AKA “5D Mark I” or “5D Classic”) 12.8MP Full-Frame DSLR – Comes with 4 batteries, original charger, Canon Original BG-E4 Battery grip, strap, cables (AV and USB) and manuals. I am the second owner. I purchased it from its original owner in May 2011, and had the Mirror box fix and sensor cleaning done by Canon Irvine in July 2011.  The 5D is still a very capable camera; in fact it fares favorably against the much younger (2 generations newer) 7D in High ISO situations (as you’ll see in my tests here.) There is some dust or something stuck on the prism (I haven’t attempted to clean it yet) — it has NO effect whatsoever on the photos the camera takes. 5D Tech specs are here: Canon 5D Tech Specs.

The only minor blemish is the small crack on the BG-E4 battery grip (highlighted in the photos below), but this does not at all affect functionality.

WILL TRADE FOR: PCB Einstein640 + cash on your end.

$800 (+ shipping, if you aren’t local)

UPDATE, 6/18/2012: Canon 5D SOLD!


more images in a small gallery here:

2x Calumet/Bowens Travelite 750 (750 w/s strobe) – I’m selling my old studio strobes since I’m moving to the PCB Einsteins for location work. I highly recommend these strobes for studio, or even some location work. These things are tanks! The body and housing are completely metal and the swivel bracket/tilt arm are also metal and VERY strong — it holds up my 80″ octabank up without a hitch (You will need to use a C-stand, though!) The strobes are great outdoors and can overpower the sun when needed, but go down low enough to use indoors in your studio. I have only used them on-location 3 times that I can remember. The rest of their use has been in my home studio for portraiture. For those interested in portraiture and worried about color temp shift throughout the power range, you’ll be happy to know that the color shift over its 6 f-stop range from 1/32 power all the way up to full power is only ±300K. Also, If you plan on using these on-location, I have used them for the last year or so without issue on a Paul C. Buff Vagabond II.


I just replaced the modeling lamps on all of them (powerful 250w modeling lamps – $30 each from calumet), and the flash tubes were all replaced ($140 each) when I bought these used from their original owner just about 18 months ago, so they’re like new and well taken care of. Each unit includes modeling light, flash tube, protective dome for transport, and 3-prong power cord.

These lights use the bowens-mount for accessories/modifiers. Tech specs/manual for these are here: Calumet Travelite 750 Manual.


$260 each (+ shipping, if you aren’t local) 

UPDATE, 5/10/2012: I’ve sold one of the lights. Still have two more available!

UPDATE, 5/24/2012: All 3 Lights, softbox and reflector are SOLD!

More photos in a gallery here:

 Interfit EXD200 400 w/s 2-head strobe kit – These were my first strobes; the kit is just about 2 years old — These monolights are powerful and light enough for fill flash on-location when your speedlights just aren’t enough (though you will need a power pack such as a Paul C. Buff Vagabond or Vagabond Mini Lithium), and they still have plenty of power for use in indoor studio work (easily achieves f/11-f/16 for indoor portraits). Interfits use the elinchrom bayonet-style mount (they’re essentially re-branded elinchrom units.) As a result, the performance with regard to color shift across it’s 4 f-stop range (adjustable in 1/10th of an f-stop) is only ±200K ! These are a great way to get started with studio lighting. My set comes with 2 light stands, 2 200 w/s Interfit heads, modeling lamps, plastic transport covers, 2 24″ softboxes, 1 silver umbrella, and a carrying case. Interfit EXD200 specs here: Interfit EXD200 Tech Specs.

$350 for the whole shebang – local preferred.

More images, in a gallery here:

SOLD! Bowens/Calumet 6″ Umbrella Reflector – Because the travelites do not have umbrella holders/mounts on the body itself, if you plan on using an umbrella or something like a Paul C Buff PLM on a Travelite, you’ll need one of these! I barely use umbrellas anymore so this actually has never been used.

$25 (+ shipping, if you aren’t local)

I think that’s about it for now, stay tuned for more stuff!

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