Yongnuo Announces YN-565EX Flash

Last week, Hong Kong based company Yongnuo announced it’s new flash unit, the YN-565EX — judging by the pics and specs, it looks like it’s gonna be a killer flash unit. The (important) specs follow:

  • GN: 58 @ ISO100, 105mm
  • Manual flash exposure and zoom
  • Supports Canon and Nikon TTL/E-TTL
  • Supports Commander mode for both Canon and Nikon
  • Port for external power packs
  • Port for PC Sync
  • Modeling light
  • The button layout, screen layout and even the shape is almost an exact copy of Canon’s 430EX II.

    After I picked up my 430 EXII, I picked up 2 Yongnuo YN460-II’s along with some cheap Cactus v4 triggers as an introduction to off-camera flash and so I would have a nice 3-flash strobist setup. I eventually got some proper strobes, but I still use the Yongnuos to this day — they’re a great value, powerful enough, and they’re pretty bulletproof, actually. If these new YN-565’s are priced right, I just may pick a few up to upgrade my strobist setup!

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Bryan Gateb is a Southern-California based photographer.