SmugMug Meet & Shootout – 05.15.2011

This past Sunday, I got a chance to meet some great people and local photographers at a SmugMug sponsored IE Shootout at the Corona Heritage Park & Museum — The group brought models with a vintage or “dated” theme — stylists and makeup artists were also supplied, so it made a great opportunity to start, build or augment one’s portfolio. I’d invited a couple friends with me, but unfortunately none of them made it :(.

The Corona Heritage Park & Museum is a nice, small venue with lots of places to shoot (at the time, they also had a “100 years of photography” exhibit going on where they had all kinds of old cameras and photos on display) . The park’s curator, Karen, was very accommodating for the whole group and also made a note that the park is available for photo shoots or other events if they are notified in advance.

The event was a great experience for me — I haven’t done much location shooting before (most of my portraits and other stuff has been indoors or a studio setup), so this provided an opportunity to practice outdoor flash techniques and balancing it with ambient. I ended up bringing¬† the kitchen sink — strobes and portable power, big sunbounce — but never used any of it because my speedlights (430 EXII’s) were doing just fine for the shots I wanted.

Much of the following was shot with 2x 430 EX II’s and/or scrimmed with a translucent white panel.

As always, the rest of the gallery can be found here.

The first few minutes I spent a lot of time trying to get dialed in and fumbling with setting up lights — unfortunately we had limited time with each set of models so I didnt get very many (what i would consider) “usable” shots from the first group :( — if you’re reading, forgive me!

Couple things I learned:

  • Umbrellas during even a slight wind = not a good idea. I originally started with my 60″, and it was gathering WAY too much wind, so I pulled out a much smaller ‘brella.
  • Expanding on the point above: I need a beauty dish.
  • Eneloops are the best batteries ever. I shot an event the day prior on a partially depleted set of Eneloops, and they kept up the entire day, popping at 1/4 to 1/2 power without needing a change.

Not sure there’s much more today, but I hope everyone enjoys the pics! ‘Til next time..

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Bryan Gateb is a Southern-California based photographer.