How I got started.

This is one of the very first DSLR pictures I ever took. it’s DSC_002.JPG off of my old D70, in May 2005, almost 6 years ago today. the D70 was probably one of the first consumer-grade Digital SLR’s during that time, along with the original Canon Digital Rebel. It’s actually STILL a great camera to this day, in my opinion.

I’d always been interested in art or creating/building things. My first DSLR, as I mentioned. was a Nikon D70, back in 2004-05 (even though i’d had many cameras prior, this was my first “real” camera). It’d mostly been for snapshots and a little experimentation, but I never got really serious about it, since I was more of a video guy. I had a Canon XL1 at the time that i’d used to film some events and create a few (poor) short films. I eventually lost interest in much of this during college, so I never progressed as much as I should have, given the time I had to work with. In 2008, I started shooting again, and after a year of some serious experimentation and learning, and with the advent of HDSLRs like the 5D Mark II and the 7D, I decided it was time to upgrade — Full HD video, interchangeable lenses (my initial draw to the Canon XL1) AND an awesome still camera? How could I not?! So I sold off all of my Nikon gear, as well as my XL1, and got myself a 7D.

Since then, I’ve been shooting mostly event photography and video (some nightlife, lifestyle, sports and e-sports) in a photojournalistic fashion. You can check out some of my recent work on my SmugMug gallery or my more informal “experimental” stuff on my Flickr gallery (some video stuff can be found on my Vimeo channel). I’ve also been acquiring lighting and all sorts of studio gadgets and gizmos as I’ve become increasingly interested in seriously trying my hand at portraiture and glamour. It had always interested me, but back when I had my old gear, I didn’t have the budget to acquire the stuff i’d need to take a crack at it. I’ve started actively seeking out opportunities to build experience and to learn a few things. If you think you can help out, by all means, contact me!

About Bryan

Bryan Gateb is a Southern-California based photographer.