Hello world!

Yeah, I decided to keep the default WordPress “first blog post” title. Mostly because I’m a programmer and “Hello World” means something to us, and I chuckle every time a reference is made. Anyway, welcome to my site. I’ve put off creating a personal website and blog for far too long, and lately I’ve been increasingly motivated to actually get things done, so here it is. I’d done a fair bit of tweeting and tumblr’ing (tumbling?) prior to this, but I wanted a place for “proper” blogging to take place. I normally don’t have much to write about, so much of this blog will be dedicated to reviews of things I purchase, and also chronicle my adventures in photography.

I’m hoping to make regular posts with as much useful contest as I can, but I’m not promising anything. Most of it will be reviews of “stuff”, or photos I’ve taken, with perhaps a few words explaining what you’re looking at.

…and If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a really poor writer. I hope to get better at this. At the very least, the posts will be informal, but informative (i hope).


About Bryan

Bryan Gateb is a Southern-California based photographer.